10 More Real-Life Horror Stories That Will Ruin Your Day

9. The Curious Case Of Room 322

Room 322

Next time you check into a hotel, avoid Room 322 at all costs if they have one. Reddit user joelikesmusic innocently posted a message asking others if they knew anything about that very room at Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas. They didn't, but Joe had quite the story to tell about a friend's own experiences staying there.

Firstly, the room was unlike any of the others they had booked out. It was smaller, there were chains on the bed, creepy pictures on the wall and what appeared to be a one-way mirror on the bedside wall. The whole set-up looks like something from a horror movie. They're watching you as you sleep, in other words, and you're gonna' end up chained to that bed.

Things get creepier. Joe asked hotel staff what was up with the room and they brushed off his question before moving onto another subject. Later, they claimed it was part of a theme room experience and modelled after a jail cell. Guests hadn't been told of that upon booking.

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