10 Most Amazing And Inspiring Refugees In History

As suffering dominates the headlines here are some of the most inspiring people who were refugees.


Recently a single shocking image of a drowned Syrian refugee has brought the word refugee to everyone's tongues and hearts. The outpouring of refugees from war ravaged Syria has become a topic of serious debate and action in the mainstream after months of stalling by the major powers.This single image of a dead child has solidified the problem in peoples' minds; no more as the masses of refugees just a mere annoyance or a distant, troubling tragedy, now they are a real and concrete concern and topic of discussion for world leaders. 

Although most European countries have opened their arms and welcomed varying amounts of refugees there still remains, after this tragedy, those who refer to these people as an inconvenience, as swarms of parasites merely looking for this next place to shack up and support ISIS. We forget that, with all the disasters and conflicts in human history, many millions of people have fled regions in chaos and among them have been some bright minds and shining stars of human achievement. 

In this list I'll discuss some of the most inspiring historical figures who also happened to be fleeing a place of terror and oppression, hoping for liberty, safety and a chance to give their gifts to the world.


David O'Donoghue is a student and freelance writer from Co. Kerry, Ireland. His writing has appeared in the Irish Independent, Film Ireland, Ultraculture.com, Listverse and he is the former Political Editor for Campus.ie. He also writes short fiction and poetry which can be found at his blog/spellbook davidjodonoghue.tumblr.com