15 Historical Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

A picture paints a thousand words - or sometimes, ten times that...

Diving Horse 600x338

Nothing is more shocking, impressive or powerful than an amazing and unique visual image. As the old cliche goes: "A picture paints a thousand words."

In the case of history, this is is certainly true. Paintings, murals and photographs explain far better than any writings can the suffering that Jewish prisoners went through in Nazi Concentration and Death Camps, or the pain endured by the Vietnamese who were attacked with napalm by the US Army, or even how brutal the assassination of former US President John F Kennedy was in Dallas in November 1963.

However, every now and again some photographs appear so powerful and bizarre that it seems impossible that they have not been tampered with in some way. Nowadays, technology has advanced to such a stage that it is extremely easy to "doctor" and change photos in order to make them seem stranger or more powerful.

But in this list of amazing photographs, not one has been tampered with or "photoshopped". The apparent "flying ship", the "diving horse" and the Nazi soldiers pictured with a man dressed up as a bear are all genuine photographs - with astonishing stories behind them.

So here are 15 amazing historical photos that have not been photoshopped - but that you still won't be able to believe are real.

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