20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Hillary Clinton

Why did Hillary Clinton get fingerprinted by the FBI?

Hillary Clinton Presidential Video Between 1989 and 2009, the White House was home to just two families - the Bushs and the Clintons. President George H W Bush was followed into the Oval Office by President Bill Clinton, before President George W Bush was elected in 2000. And, despite Barack Obama taking residence on Pennsylvania Avenue for eight years, it looks likely that either the Clintons or Bushs will return to the White House in 2017. With Jeb Bush likely to throw his hat into the ring for the Republican nominee, former First Lady Hillary Clinton has already launched her campaign - and she is looking to go two better than she achieved in 2008, by first securing the Democratic nomination, and then being elected as the first-ever female President of the United States. First Lady for eight years during Bill Clinton's presidency, Clinton was then Senator of New York between 2001 and 2009, before she became the 67th US Secretary of State in 2009 - a position she gave up in 2013. But, if Hillary Clinton is going to run for the presidency again, what is actually known about her? Why, for example, did she become the only First Lady ever to be issued with subpoena or to have the FBI take a sample of her fingerprints? And why did she fail to become an astronaut or a member of the Marines, as she once harboured dreams of? Or which spicy sauce does she ensure is packed in her travel bag wherever she goes? Well, here are 20 mind-blowing facts about Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady and once-again US presidential candidate.

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