8 Shocking Crimes That Were Secretly Committed By Governments

Think you're safe within your own borders? Think again.

All things considered, there's quite a lot of trust involved when it comes to Governments. You trust that, if you abide by the law and get your taxes in on time, that your garbage will be collected, you trust that your local services will be well funded, and that'll they'll keep you safe from any marauding bands of savages.

And on the whole they usually do, but if you're also trusting them not to commit terrible atrocities and frame other people for it... well... yeah, history says that trust's probably misplaced. It's quite a tricky business running an entire country you see. As well as all the pressures of keeping millions of people fed, clothed and obedient, you've also got virtually all your other major powers (and their plans) to contend with. Sometimes you have to bend the rules, sometimes you have to straight up indulge in savagely brutal criminal behaviour - you just have to hope that by the time the truth outs you're long dead.

Sadly for scurrilous and evil world leaders the good folk of planet Earth are pretty good at getting to the bottom of things on their own. Especially when literally hundreds of them have been caught up and killed in the offending acts. So from thinly-veiled pretences for war, to all out covert campaigns against "problematic" members of the public, dip a toe into the murky pool of false-flags, conspiracies, and times governments have become the very thing they're sworn to protect you from.

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