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8 Superstar DJs That Actually Suck

"I just roll up with a laptop and a midi controller and select tracks and hit a spacebar."

5 Aug 2015 Michael Waugh

Roc Nation

12 Shocking Music Videos You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Nazism, incest, spree killing, suicides, crucifixions, furries and explicit nudity? I want my MTV.

4 Aug 2015 Michael Waugh

Yui Mok/PA Archive

15 Things Only Pearl Jam Fans Will Understand

Ten Club members unite.

4 Aug 2015 Lewis Howse


13 Best Songs You Can't Play On Spotify

All of the music that's not going down the stream

2 Aug 2015 Simon Gallagher


10 Pop Stars Who Should Have Been One-Hit Wonders

How did any of these people make it to a second hit single?

1 Aug 2015 Jacob Trowbridge


16 Things Only Disturbed Fans Will Understand

Ten thousand fists in the air!

31 Jul 2015 Scott Tailford

Rapper Meek Mill Uses Undertaker's Theme For Diss Song To Drake

When rap beef turns to pro wrestling.

31 Jul 2015 Rich D. Latta II

Wikimedia Commons

5 Guitarists That Could Replace DJ Ashba In Guns N' Roses

What we've got here is failure to communicate...

30 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

Matt Sayles/AP

10 Best Guest Verses In Rap History

The features that we remember when the original songs fade.

30 Jul 2015 Benjamin Croll

8 Creepiest Songs About Real-Life Serial Killers

In the depths of a mind insane, fantasy and reality are the same.

30 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

Curtis Kennington

10 Internet Radio Stations You Should Be Listening To Right Now

The art of listening. Don't assume.

29 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

One Little Indian

20 Best Electronic Albums Of 2015 (So Far)

"Forget all the equipment, forget the music, it's just literally frequencies and the effects on your brain."

29 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

Greg Allen/AP

10 Artists That Went Head-To-Head With The Music Industry And WON

The musicians who stuck two fingers up at 'The Man' and got away with it

25 Jul 2015 Adam Thompson

Evan Agostini/AP

10 Awesome Taylor Swift Songs That Aren't About Guys

Not a long list of ex-lovers.

25 Jul 2015 Lucie Wareham


7 "Rockstars" That Kanye West Is A Bigger Rockstar Than

Seven rock stars that Kanye West is a bigger rock star than.

24 Jul 2015 Hannah D'Arcy


11 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Elvis Is Still Alive

Did Elvis really left the building, or is he alive and well and living in Buenos Aires?

24 Jul 2015 Tom Baker

Apple Corps.

8 Subtle Easter Eggs Hidden In The Beatles' Songs

Wait, so who's the Walrus?

24 Jul 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Kanye West/Brit Awards

30 Grime Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

I want everybody to follow this sound.

23 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh


Slayer: All 10 Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

The never-ending search for a truth never told.

23 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

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