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10 Songs With Meanings That Are Completely Misunderstood

Some things aren't so open to interpretation...
By Brian Wilson

10 Songs By The Answer You Need To Listen To

The Answer to all your rock n' roll questions is finally here!
By Scott Daly

15 Things Only Pearl Jam Fans Will Understand

Ten Club members unite.
By Lewis Howse

10 Music Videos Banned For Being Too Damn Sexy

Some are just too hot for their own good ...
By Kyle McManus
Music Offbeat

9 Radio-Friendly Songs About Murdering Somebody

Who knew killing someone could be so catchy?
By jay royston

15 Greatest Pop Punk Albums Of The 2000s

So much fun. So much misery. So delightfully pop punk.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Music Science

7 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Kanye West Isn't Real

Is Kanye West a hoax? We examine the evidence.
By Stevie Shephard

10 Unheralded Covers That Deserve More Recognititon

Who covered the what now?
By John Harty

Every Jimmy Eat World Album: Ranked From Worst To Best

...And everything in The Middle.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Ranking Their Albums From Worst To Best

Over 80 million records sold around the world and a catalogue of chart-topping hits don't lie.
By Matthew Lowry

10 Famous Songs That Were Somehow Recorded In A Single Take

This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.
By Brian Wilson

10 Most Controversial Album Covers Of All Time

Cast your eyes and try not to be offended.
By Dan Owens

9 Famous Songs That Are Actually Responses To Other Famous Songs

A melodic middle finger hidden in plain sight.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Music Offbeat

9 Songs That Perpetuate Crazy Conspiracy Theories

The truth is out there. And it has a terrific drumbeat.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Myles Kennedy Interview: The Last Hero, His Solo Album, Citizen Swing & More

"Stay in the moment, make it honest, try and make it move you and hopefully it'll move your fans."…
By Scott Tailford

20 Greatest Empowering Break-Up Songs

F*ck heartbreak.
By EB Strider

10 Best Frontwomen In Rock Music History

From pioneering legends to modern standard-bearers... these chicks knew how to Rock.
By Zach Blumenfeld

10 Bad Songs From Great Bands

The very worst from the best.
By Kieran Harris

10 Cover Songs Much Better Than The Original

Just because it's first, doesn't always mean it's best.
By Jacob Trowbridge

20 Hip Hop Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

LPs that will change your life.
By Aundre Jacobs

8 Famous Songs That Have The Absolute Dumbest Sequels

What, you didn't know there was a sequel to Eminem's Stan?
By Jacob Trowbridge

20 Popular Songs With Creepy Hidden Messages

Because those rumours about backwards Satanic messages weren't all urban legends...
By Tom Butler

10 One-Hit Wonders That Defined The Early 2000s

You know damn well you liked Butterfly when it first came out.
By Jacob Trowbridge
WWE Music

Billy Corgan Named President Of TNA

TNA may have a new leader.
By Andrew Soucek

Alter Bridge: The Last Hero - 6 Things We Learned From The Cover Art

A concept album, Spartan imagery and... a logo swap?!
By Scott Tailford
Music Offbeat

6 Most Iconic Musicians Of All Time

Those who taught us
By Magners

10 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2016 (So Far)

2015 was an outstanding year for the genre. Can 2016 live-up to the hype?
By Andrew Murray

Download Festival 2016 Review: More Like Drownload...

Monsters of rock combine. Weather undermines.
By Simon Gallagher

Download Festival 2016: Iron Maiden Review

Another technical triumph for rock's royalty.
By Simon Gallagher

Download Festival 2016: Black Sabbath Review

A fitting end?
By Simon Gallagher