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Prince Photo

10 Reasons There Won't Ever Be Another Prince

The Purple One cannot, and will not, be replicated.
By Jacob Trowbridge
David Byrne talking Heads.jpg

16 Things Only Talking Heads Fans Will Understand

They're so normal it's crazy.
By Nathan Hastings
Green day Cigarettes & Valentines

10 Famous Albums You Didn't Know Were Almost Completely Different

Sometimes the only thing a musician can do is to start again...
By Brian Wilson
Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Soundgarden, Supergroups, and Solo.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Rock music festival Rock im Revier

10 Bizarrely Specific Music Genres You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Obscure taste in music? You've heard nothing yet.
By Nina Cresswell
Corey Taylor Slipknot.jpg

10 Rock Singers Who Fronted Two Great Bands

Lightning can strike twice!
By Jay Anderson
green day

9 Bands You Used To Love (But Can No Longer Listen To)

Guilt, shame and Axl Rose.
By Brian Wilson
Singer, songwriter and pianist Isaac Hayes performs live

10 Great Musicians That Are Slowly Being Forgotten

Forgotten, but not gone.
By Dave Pittaway
bob dylan hurricane

10 Songs You Had No Idea Are Based On Terrible Crimes

Inspiration can come from the most horrific of places...
By Brian Wilson
robin thicke

10 Bafflingly Terrible Songs That Were Somehow Incredibly Successful

From songs about foxes to songs about hampsters...how did we let this happen?
By Brian Wilson
tool laterus

Tool: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

How do the pieces fit?
By Jay Anderson
tom waits

9 Scariest Songs You've Never Heard

These songs are more unsettling than most horror films...
By Brian Wilson
James Hetfield St Anger

10 Bad Songs From Great Bands

The very worst from the best.
By Kieran Harris
Ryan Adams Suicide Handbook 2003 Front Cover 77322

9 Famous Albums The World Will Never Hear

Including one album you might hear if you live until the year 2103...
By Brian Wilson
jay z

8 Albums You Didn't Know Are Based On Movies

Who says musicians can't love films?
By Brian Wilson
Death Grips

15 Alternative Hip Hop Artists You Need To Hear

You didn't really care to much about the four elements did you?
By Dave Pittaway
27 Club

13 Greatest Albums To Come From The 27 Club

So much tragedy. So much legendary music.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Eminem Dreaming

10 Music Artists Who Hated Their Own Success

If you're rich and famous you can't help but be happy...right?
By Jarlath Caolan
Megadeth albums

Megadeth: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

Thirty years and fifteen albums - only one can take the top spot.
By Brian Wilson
david bowie blackstar

8 Albums You'll Never Forget Listening To For The First Time

Sometimes good, sometimes bad... but always fascinating.
By Brian Wilson
sum 41

8 Amazing Rock Bands From The 2000s You Forgot Even Existed

They might be gone but they shouldn't be forgotten...
By Brian Wilson
Whatever People Say I Am Thats What Im Not

10 Greatest Album Closers Of All Time

Going out in style.
By Dan Owens
iron maiden dance of death

10 Hilariously Terrible Album Covers And Why They Exist

What on earth were they thinking?
By Brian Wilson
Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell

9 Albums That Are Begging To Be Made Into A Movie

Who knew albums could be so cinematic?
By Brian Wilson
Darkness One Way Ticket Cost

10 Most Expensive Albums Of All Time

When albums cost as much as films (and sometimes more).
By Brian Wilson
Iggy Azalea Bum Implants

10 Things Iggy Azalea Wants You To Forget

Some things are best swept under the carpet...
By Joseph Taylor
katy perry old new

8 Musicians Who Sound NOTHING Like They Did When They Started

Transitioning from spacey prog rock to pop-centric disco? Sure, why not.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Outkast Hey Ya

10 Songs That Tricked You Into Thinking They're Happy

"Heeeeeey... no"
By Joseph Wood
rihanna bitch better have my money

10 Most Violent Music Videos Of All Time

These videos are serious nightmare fuel...
By Brian Wilson
Pearl Jam Ten Cover

Pearl Jam: Ranking Their Albums From Worst To Best

26 years, 32 million records, but what was Pearl Jam's finest hour?
By Jacob Trowbridge