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8 Wrestling Gimmicks That Totally Ripped-Off Musicians

This sounds like rock and/or roll wrestling.
By WhatCulture

10 Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs

One of the best metal bands on the planet, but what are their best tracks?
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Best UK Albums Of 2019 Community

2019 has been nothing short of stellar for UK musicians.
By Marlon Loria Submit Your Content

6 Early Versions Of Iconic Songs Missing The Iconic Parts

Iconic songs did not start out that way, most were missing the parts that made them iconic.
By Jonathan Kaulay

10 Music Moments That Shocked The World

So much for peace and love.
By Tim Coffman

20 Punk Rock Albums Turning 20 In 2020 Community

Is you're favorite album as old as Camera phones, bluetooth and the Scary Movie franchise.
By Cody Ayres Submit Your Content

10 Albums Turning 20 In 2019

The crown jewels from the end of the millenium.
By Tim Coffman

You'll Never Get 100% On This Harry Styles Quiz Community

2019's Fine Line is Harry Styles' second album since the breakup of One DIrection.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

10 Bands Who Should Have Stopped After One Album

When leaving us wanting more would've been enough.
By Josh Mills

10 Greatest Ever Stone Roses Songs

The Stone Roses; sorting the Madchester band’s gold from the Fool’s Gold.
By Chris Chopping

Ranking 10 Greatest Albums Made Out Of Contractual Obligation

Arms were twisted, musicians were coerced, and magic was made.
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Rock Bands That Defined The 2000's

The flag-bearers of rock in Y2K.
By Tim Coffman

15 Best Metal Albums Of 2019

From Tomb Mold to Tool, metalcore to doom...
By Andrew Murray

10 Greatest Queen Songs

Queen: Four talented musicians, one heck of a monarch.
By Chris Chopping

10 Musicians Who Committed Real Crimes, Did Real Time - And Had Real Impact

Killings, car chases, robberies, and more didn't stop these ten from making it big...
By Cameron Arndt

10 Famous Albums That Left The Best Song On The Cutting Room Floor

These are some A-plus B-sides.
By Jacob Trowbridge

25 Best Metal Albums Of The Decade

The best of of the best from 2010 to 2019.
By Andrew Murray

10 Amazing Musicians We Lost In The 2010s

These fallen stars may be gone, but their music lives on.
By Tim Coffman

10 Celebs Who Survived Shocking Assassination Attempts

These celebrities all survived shocking attempts on their lives, some even by their own fans.
By Isobel Pankhurst

10 Reasons Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Soundtrack Was More Influential Than The Beatles

Fit that yellow submarine with a half-pipe if you want to stay relevant, boomer.
By David Bowles

You Won’t Get 100% On This Billie Joe Armstrong Quiz! Community

Are you a Green Day superfan? Test your knowledge on the California punk.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

My Chemical Romance Quiz: How Well Do You Know Gerard Way? Community

How well do you know the multi-talented My Chem singer?
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

Halsey Quiz: Can You Name The Song From Just One Lyric? Community

Let’s see how well you remember Halsey's songs.
By Vanessa Rincon Submit Your Content

The Killers Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Band? Community

The Killers sixth album Imploding The Mirage is out in 2020.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

10 Times Popular Musicians Tried Out Completely Unexpected Genres

No one saw these tracks coming.
By Sam Summers

AWFUL Lyrics Quiz: Who Sang It - Maroon 5 Or Nickelback? Community

Chad Kroeger and Adam Levine have penned some pretty terrible lyrics.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

You'll Never Get 100% On This Weezer Quiz Community

How well do you know Rivers Cuomo's band? Test your knowledge on this ultimate Weezer Quiz.
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Coldplay Quiz: Which Songs Are These Albums From? Community

2019's Everyday Life is Coldplay's eighth album.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

10 2010s Musicians Destined To Be One-Hit Wonders Community

Take the money and run.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

Bring Me The Horizon Release Stunning Music Video For Ludens - Their New Single From Death Stranding Community

The boys from Sheffield are back with yet another banger of a track!
By Dylan Rush Submit Your Content