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6 Most Iconic Musicians Of All Time

Those who taught us
By Magners

Download Festival 2016 Review: More Like Drownload...

Monsters of rock combine. Weather undermines.
By Simon Gallagher

Download Festival 2016: Iron Maiden Review

Another technical triumph for rock's royalty.
By Simon Gallagher

Download Festival 2016: Black Sabbath Review

A fitting end?
By Simon Gallagher

Download Festival 2016: Rammstein Review

Industrial metal in the rain? Perfect.
By Simon Gallagher

15 Best Heavy Metal Songs Of 2016 (So Far)

A fantastic year for metal, and we aren't even halfway yet...
By William Boyd

10 Greatest Modern Rock Songs About Getting Drunk

Oh yeah, these go down real smooth.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Mark Tremonti Interview: Recording Dust, New Alter Bridge Album Details And More

"Don't think you have to simplify anything, go for broke. That's what you hear…
By Scott Tailford

Fall Out Boy: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Which is their number one with a bullet?
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Best Instrumental Rock Albums Since 2000

When music transcends the need for words, beautiful things can happen.
By William Boyd

Wrestling Items Found In Prince's Secret Vault?

Nothing Prince Iaukea related fortunately.
By John Bills

Tremonti: Dust Review - 10 Phenomenal Tracks Reviewed & Ranked

The conclusion to the finest hard rock double album in decades.
By Scott Tailford

10 Reasons There Won't Ever Be Another Prince

The Purple One cannot, and will not, be replicated.
By Jacob Trowbridge

15 Greatest Pop Punk Albums Of The 2000s

So much fun. So much misery. So delightfully pop punk.
By Jacob Trowbridge

16 Things Only Talking Heads Fans Will Understand

They're so normal it's crazy.
By Nathan Hastings

15 Best Albums Of The Decade (So Far)

Music has never sounded so good.
By Andrew Dilks

10 Greatest Animated Music Videos Of All Time

Prepare for your breath to be taken...
By Brian Wilson

10 Famous Albums You Didn't Know Were Almost Completely Different

Sometimes the only thing a musician can do is to start again...
By Brian Wilson

Chris Cornell: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Soundgarden, Supergroups, and Solo.
By Jacob Trowbridge

8 Massive Song Cliches Everyone Is Tired Of Hearing

Surprisingly, this music article doesn't feature a rapper...
By Brian Wilson

10 Bizarrely Specific Music Genres You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Obscure taste in music? You've heard nothing yet.
By Nina Cresswell

10 Rock Singers Who Fronted Two Great Bands

Lightning can strike twice!
By Jay Anderson

9 Bands You Used To Love (But Can No Longer Listen To)

Guilt, shame and Axl Rose.
By Brian Wilson

10 Great Musicians That Are Slowly Being Forgotten

Forgotten, but not gone.
By Dave Pittaway

10 Songs You Had No Idea Are Based On Terrible Crimes

Inspiration can come from the most horrific of places...
By Brian Wilson

10 Bafflingly Terrible Songs That Were Somehow Incredibly Successful

From songs about foxes to songs about hampsters...how did we let this happen?
By Brian Wilson

Tool: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

How do the pieces fit?
By Jay Anderson

9 Scariest Songs You've Never Heard

These songs are more unsettling than most horror films...
By Brian Wilson

10 Bad Songs From Great Bands

The very worst from the best.
By Kieran Harris

9 Famous Albums The World Will Never Hear

Including one album you might hear if you live until the year 2103...
By Brian Wilson