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Haydn West/PA Archive

10 Musicians We Had To Hate Before We Could Love

A metal band with keyboards? Run to the hills.

5 Feb 2016 Jarleth Coelan

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10 Things You Should Know About The Guns N' Roses Reunion

Will Coachella be paradise city, or trouble in the jungle?

4 Feb 2016 Jay Anderson

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Kanye Set To Unveil Waves At Madison Square Gardens

The album will be released alongside Yeezy 3.

4 Feb 2016 Daniel Youde


10 Music Videos That Should Be Movies

Some are short films in their own right, so why not go full feature length?

4 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

Matt Sayles/AP

9 Most Annoying Voices In Music History

Yeezus Christ, that's awful.

3 Feb 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


DJ Khaled Signs Deal With Apple Music

"You want my advice? Don't play yourself."

2 Feb 2016 Daniel Youde


9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry

No-one is safe from the Illuminati's influence... supposedly.

30 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson

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10 Guilty Pleasure Albums Nobody Will Admit That They Love

"These aren't my CDS, I swear, they're my ex's..."

30 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson


10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Music

From music videos to murder...

29 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson


10 Cover Songs Much Better Than The Original

Just because it's first, doesn't always mean it's best.

28 Jan 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


8 Oscar Nominees With Secret Music Careers

Proof that God apparently does give with two hands, just not to you.

27 Jan 2016 Audrey Fox


8 Classic Albums That Critics Originally Hated

Featuring some of the greatest records of all time.

27 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson


7 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About David Bowie

Strange musings on the legendary musical enigma.

26 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson


8 Incredible Songs That Scarily Predicted The Future

From Obama's presidency to the plight of Miley Cyrus...

26 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson


10 Great Songs That Said "F-ck You" To Critics

Someone call the burns unit.

25 Jan 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


Green Day: Ranking Their Albums From Worst To Best

11 great albums. 1 serious legacy.

22 Jan 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


10 Severely Underrated Grunge Albums

Grunge was a way bigger movement than just Nirvana and Soundgarden, you know.

21 Jan 2016 William Boyd


9 Songs That Allegedly Drove People To Kill

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that "it's just music."

21 Jan 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


7 Reasons The Beach Boys Never Finished Their Masterpiece

SMiLE was supposed to eclipse whatever The Beatles could come up with, but instead it almost killed Brian Wilson.

20 Jan 2016 Thomas Bagnall


20 Amazing Songs That Clock In At Under 60 Seconds

Short and so, so sweet.

19 Jan 2016 Jacob Trowbridge