10 Albums Which Will Make You Fall In Love With Death Metal

Ten albums you NEED to hear to fall in love with metal's heaviest sub-genre.

Death metal, your brutality never ceases to amaze us! Metal's heaviest sub-genre has grown a staggering amount since its inception 30 years ago and now there are countless bands to divulge into and experience the heaviest form of metal's rather large umbrella. However for a newbie this can be pretty overwhelming, with so many bands that fall under death metal's style and tone a starting point can be pretty damn difficult! Where do you start with a genre that has so many bands that whilst all fall under the same genre can sound completely different from another?! For example Bloodbath sound nothing like Decapitated, it surely can be confusing for new listeners! So if you have ever struggled for a starting point for death metal or found any previous listening experiences rather underwhelming then fear not! As this handy list will provide ten albums you must absolutely listen to fully divulge and experience the world of death metal! For a newbie who has hardly heard any of the bands mentioned in this list or the hardcore fan of the genre this list is absolutely essential to commit your passion and love for one of metal's most enjoyable sub-genres.

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