10 Bad Songs From Great Bands

The very worst from the best.

It's impossible for even the best of bands to produce their greatest material every time they enter the studio. There's nothing worse than eagerly anticipating the next release from your favourite artist only to discover that it is littered with disappointment.

Maybe our expectations are set a little too high, but that being said, it's no excuse for some of the atrocities that our favourite bands have churned out over the years. You know the ones, the tracks where you'll be left questioning where the last few minutes of your life have disappeared to. Where it feels like another band entirely have borrowed their name and churned out something abysmal under the radar.

From The Beatles to The Cure it seems that nobody is safe from having the odd slip-up along the way. By that I mean slipping and burning and crashing... badly. Perhaps it was a case of experimentation gone wrong or the result of a creative dry patch, but these tracks are hardly capable of pleasing hardcore fans never mind convincing skeptics otherwise.

To showcase the worst from the best, let's take a look at the potentially controversial topic of 10 Bad Songs From Great Bands. Caution! Dreadful music ahead, covering your ears may prove necessary.

10. Blur - Crazy Beat (Think Tank, 2003)

Spat out on the wrong side of the 90s by Britpop legends Blur, the fuzz guitar fuelled €˜Crazy Beat€™ somehow dodged its deserved place as a b-side and made it to a full single release. Many fans and critics compared it to their previous smash hit €˜Song 2€™, due to its heavy guitars and riff driven structure, but the track comically fails to grant this comparison any justice, as it lacks a distinctive punch and feels incredibly juvenile.

Along with its uninspired riff that desperately tries to drive the song forward, comes the inclusion of some largely annoying backing vocals that can be heard repeating €œyeah, yeah, yeah€ throughout. Luckily this was one of the only blunders present on Think Tank, which is still widely regarded as one of Blur€™s finest efforts.

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