10 Bands From The 2000s You've Definitely Forgotten

10. Rooney


Rooney were off those said bands who tried to be the off brand California equivalent to The Strokes. They were five beautiful boys with impeccable heartthrob hairstyles who could've been modelling jeans but were instead playing jangly inoffensive indie songs in the ilk of Phantom Planet, which isn't surprising considering that lead song writer Robert Schwartzmann is brother to Phantom Planet drummer and Wes Anderson favourite, Jason.

Rooney are the classic; have tonnes of songs that no one has even heard of let alone remember and one solid gold creation that stands the test of time.

There wasn’t a summer barbecue, road trip or outdoor activity that didn’t have ‘When Did Your Heart Go Missing?’ somewhere on its playlist. It pairs well with mixed fruit ciders, reflective sunglasses and grass between your toes.

And with a video featuring the type of beach front party we all imagined we’d be having the minute we turned 17 with girls in bikinis, no adult supervision and a ping pong table, they seemed like they could be the real deal.

Unfortunately, Rooney never really had the licks to match their style, but man was their style cool for a time.

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