10 Best AC/DC Songs Ever

Highlights from the Highway to Hell.


Very few bands have rocked harder than AC/DC.

Ever since their debut, 1975's High Voltage, the band spent the next four decades producing some of the greatest, best-selling albums in music history. With vibrant dual-guitar riffs that have become staples of any rock playlist, AC/DC have had a career that other bands could only wish to have led. Very few artists have been able to continue after a change of vocalist, but the band were still able to craft timeless albums with ruthless efficiency.

As one of the best-selling artists on the planet, AC/DC are guaranteed to have a legendary collection of songs, so here's a chance to display some of their finest work.

10. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - High Voltage

Being in an up and coming artist in the music industry can truly be tough, with the various unrelenting hardships that any act must endure before they even set foot on the stage. With a career such as theirs, AC/DC knows this better than anyone else, and so this track from one of their earlier releases details the trials and tribulations faced by a band in their era.

However, despite the gloomy sentiment, AC/DC seem to have taken it in their stride, and this upbeat track proves the band is always capable of creating entertaining songs that spawn from any experience. Only AC/DC have the power to add bagpipes to a hard rock track and make it flow seamlessly alongside the other instruments, but this just goes to show that the band are able to do whatever it takes in order to get to the top to rock 'n' roll.

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