With the upcoming release of Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance and the recent reinvention of The Miley, the sexification of the former teen star is in full swing. But what about Demi? While her self-titled album released in May was her weakest to date, the fact remains that Demi Lovato is twenty years old and possesses a discography that a majority of artists her age should envy.

These are her ten best songs that prove her worthy of more consideration than just as “that other Disney girl.”


Honorable Mention: La La Land

This song is ultimately a hair too juvenile to merit inclusion on this list, but it deserves an honorable mention for essentially being a crash course in all things Lovato. While lacking the emotional depth of her later work, this single from her debut album contains all of the trappings of a great Demi track: vocal acrobatics, strong declarations of identity, and a beat that is catchy as all hell. “La La Land” ranks fairly high on the bubble-gum spectrum. but it also hints at all of the potential Lovato has as an artist.

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This article was first posted on July 18, 2013