10 Best Guitarists You've Never Heard Of

We all know the Cobains and Slashs of the world, but how about the guys that are just as good, yet remain bound by obscurity?

When you think of a brilliant guitarist, who comes to mind? Brian May? Eric Clapton? Jimi Hendrix? Maybe Mark Knopfler? Most people would agree wholeheartedly with you in this case, they are all superb guitarists, songwriters and all round amazing musicians. Some of their songs have defined the way people perceive the guitar as an instrument, never mind the song themselves being instantly memorable. For example, while Hendrix was not the most technically adept player in the world (don't get angry, he wasn't), he had such a unique approach to the instrument that in the late 60s he redefined what it was to be a guitarist and a frontman. He did things no other player even dared, from playing with his teeth to hurling the instrument around and setting it on fire. To him, the guitar was more than a tool that made a sound, it was an extension of his personality and a method of expressing himself. Since the time of Hendrix, countless guitarists have been hailed as 'the best ever', some even making a career on their notoriety across six strings. Ask any guitarist to list their top players and the list will no doubt include the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen and a myriad of others. But all of these guitarists are relatively household names, or have been associated with big bands and bigger artists. What about the smaller musicians? What about the guitarists that work their fingers to the bone trying to be the best they can be but only ever reach a niche audience? Don't they deserve to be recognised? Of course they do.

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