10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Songs Of 2017 (So Far)

1. Silence Speaks - While She Sleeps

Easily the most essential of listens for metal fans across the globe, While She Sleeps have taken the foundations of metalcore and evolved it into a mature arena sound.

Silence Speaks is the culmination of everything they've been working towards for the last 11 years, rolling together a lung-straining opening with one of the best vocal performances of the decade, possibly the finest guest spot of the year with Olli Sykes destroying his portion of the song with a line that'll hit home for the rest of his career, and one of the most emotionally euphoric guitar solos I've ever heard.

It's such a powerful combination of real passion, musicianship and sheer world-conquering purpose, you have to give it to While She Sleeps. They figured out a way to put You Are We out without overarching label interference, and the result is a monumental artistic achievement in every respect.

Hats off lads, this is outstanding.


Let us know in the comments what your favourite heavy songs of the year are!

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