10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Songs Of 2017 (So Far)

10. Steambreather - Mastodon

As one of the tastiest cuts of heavy metal sirloin, Mastodon have long been serving their dedicated fanbase with all sorts of different vibes over the years, ranging from full-on thrash to more melodic, dare I say 'sing-a-long' tracks.

The fantastically bouncy Show Yourself was one of the latter, but it's the tree-felling riffage of Steambreather than's risen to the ranks of many fans' ranking lists, alongside being my personal favourite.

There's such a conscious effort to tap into that old school Mastodon sound - the one that plants its feet in a barren landscape, letting the music reverberate of the cliffsides for all to hear. Emperor of Sand is still suffering a tad in the noticeability stakes thanks to 2014's Once More 'Round the Sun not being the followup to The Hunter that many were after, but this is everything Mastodon do better than the competition rolled into a tight five minute package.

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