10 Best Heavy Metal Live Bands Of 2018

10. Trivium

What a year Trivium have had! By 2017, a lot of fans had written the band off entirely after Vengeance Falls and Silence in the Snow – consecutive albums that saw the band eschew their metalcore roots in favour of clean-cut arena rock. Then, that October, the quartet wowed with The Sin and the Sentence, which resurrected and improved upon the Trivium of old with its raging heaviness, skilled musicianship and varying dynamics.

The subsequent tour to promote this almighty comeback hit British shores in April 2018. Their support acts were three of the best up-and-comers that modern heavy metal has to offer: Code Orange, Power Trip and Venom Prison. Together, the openers made for such a brutal trio that the London show had to be stopped three times due to pit-related tomfoolery. It was such an awe-inspiring display that many presumed Trivium would be upstaged by their own warm-up.

But no. If anything, the presence of such young and hungry performers upped Trivium’s game as well, imbuing them with enough grace and energy to complement their powerful set-list.

Evidently, the key to a great live show isn’t hard. You just need to make great music and pay attention to your own genre’s underground.

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