10 Best Indie/Alternative Songs Of 2017 (So Far)

1. Arcade Fire - Everything Now

The promotional circus surrounding the release of Arcade Fire's fifth studio album has done everything but draw attention to the actual musical content of the record. Given the conceptual theme of the album concerns the infinite nature and immediacy of content, the irony of this is not lost.

But perhaps that was the goal, with critical sentiment proving divisive, and many lamenting the development of the band's sound from indie rock darlings to a more disco infused edge. Nowhere is this more prevalent than of the album's title track, Everything Now.

However, this ABBA influenced song works on nearly all levels and showcases the band at the best, proving they are still capable of delivering tracks that transcend the record and are built for arenas across all corners of the globe.

While the band may be lacking the consistency of previous offerings, tracks such as Everything Now, the Talking Heads' sounding Signs Of Life, and the slow burner Put Your Money On Me are moments to celebrate on an otherwise forgetful record.

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