10 Best Live Acts In Metal Today

1. Metallica

Like a fine wine, Metallica only seem to get better with age, and though the quality of the albums has certainly faltered since their heyday, their live prowess has only gotten better.

James Hetfield, who seems ageless at this point, has the same energy and charisma as always, and his vocal work remains some of the most reliable in metal. Even Kirk Hammett, who’s album work can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, pulls it out of the bag live, rarely missing a note when playing his iconic solos.

As far as Metallica’s set-list is concerned, all the classics are delivered in lively and efficient fashion, putting a lot of younger bands to shame with their stage presence, charisma, and musical ability.

When you see a Metallica live show, you truly realise why they are the biggest name in metal history.

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