10 Best Metal Albums Of The 2000s - Ranked

1. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory is one of, if not the most perfect metal album of all time. This debut release stands tall with the best of them and shot Linkin Park into superstardom, where they would remain for the rest of their run.

Whether it’s the heavy guitar riffs, the high pitched screeching of the mixing board, or the nasal and massively ranged vocal performances of the late Chester Bennington, Hybrid Theory really does have something for everyone.

Linkin Park are renowned for their evolution as an act, and this album was surely a sign of things to come, with the band’s signature sound evolving with each passing track. A good mix of heavy metal, pop, and hip-hop are present, and the Californians blend these contrasting genres excellently.

Home to some of their most famous tracks like One Step Closer, In The End, and Papercut, there wasn’t a single rock fan, young or old, in the 2000s that hadn’t heard a song from Hyrid Theory, and it remains not only the most well known, but greatest sounding metal album of the decade.

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