10 Best Metal Live Performances You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now

Dedicated to those of you too lazy to go to a rock show and too cheap to buy a live DVD.

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What's the best part about being a metal fan?

Is it the unrivalled sense of community? Is it that feeling of anarchic freedom whenever you hear your favourite riff or solo? Is it the infamous lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll?

Well, at a live show, you can find all this and more. There's no better feeling than being surrounded by your fellow metalheads, moshing and head-banging wildly while some of the most visceral music ever created is blasting out at full volume, with your favourite rockstars standing on a stage just metres from you.

But, who are we kidding? Gigs are expensive nowadays! Why fork out £96 to go and see Metallica in London, when you can just as easily grab a laptop and watch a full set they played back in 1999 for free?

If that's your worldview, then this list is for you!

But first, some ground rules: 1) It most be pro-shot (none of your fan-made mobile phone footage balls here!). 2) It must be the full set, not one or two songs. 3) It must be an official upload from either the band, their label, or the festival/venue. No rips of live-streams or DVDs on a channel belonging to user "DevilShredLover1998"...

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