10 Best Rappers Of All Time

1. The Notorious B.I.G

Who else could it be other than 'Big Poppa' himself? The fact that we're still talking about Christopher Wallace 18 years after his heartbreaking death just goes to show how much of a lyrical juggernaut this man was.

His first album, Ready to Die, not only has the hardcore hip hop joints that made Biggie Smalls one of the most respected rappers to ever grab a microphone and do their thing, it also had the tracks Juicy and Big Poppa, two timeless singles that still get radio play and are still played inside of clubs.

While many rappers who had the sort of instantaneous success Biggie had usually suffer from the dreaded sophmore slump, a talent like him could never let that happen. Life After Death, his second album which was released two weeks after his death, was not only a continuation of the greatness he showcased on his first album, but showed how much he'd matured as a rapper.

He wasn't shouting his lyrics any more just for the effect because he could express a situation even better than he could before with his rhymes. The fact that he was gunned down before he even reached his prime, yet was able to create two of the best pieces of work in hip hop history is travesty that words simply cannot explain.

Must Listen: Ready To Die, Life After Death, his verse on Flava In Ya Ear remix


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