10 Best Thrash Metal Albums Of The 21st Century

Celebrating a decade since speed metal’s massive comeback.


For today’s younger metalheads, it’s hard to think of a time when thrash wasn’t the all-encompassing, extreme beast that it is now in the 2010s.

Thanks to names like the Big Four, Testament, Exodus, Annihilator and so on, the speed metal niche is probably the most popular subsect of heavy music, but – as hard as it is to believe now – there was a time in the early-to-mid-2000s when old-school thrash was “passé”, usurped by subgenres like nu metal and metalcore.

It wasn’t until 2008 that extreme speed had its glorious renaissance, thanks to a slew of huge albums over a very short period of time: Death Magnetic, The Formation of Damnation, Endgame, Conclusion of an Age, Killing Season, The Way of All Flesh and more all hit shelves that very year, smacking metalheads right in their nostalgia (and their wallets).

To celebrate a decade since thrash’s momentous comeback in the metal scene, it only makes sense to look at the subgenre’s recent best, from acts both new and old alike.

Also, before we get going, honourable mentions should be given to Municipal Waste’s The Art of Partying, Trivium’s Shogun and Astronoid’s Air. They’re really good albums, listen to them!

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