10 Bizarre Attempts At "Sexy" Album Covers From The 2000s

2. Ted Nugent - Love Grenade

Eagle Records

Leave it to Ted Nugent, the man who once called Hillary Clinton a "toxic c*nt" and referred to feminists as "fat pigs who don't get it often enough", to attempt to release one of the most thoroughly chauvinistic and disturbing album covers of the 21st century.

A bound woman is put on a serving plate like a turkey, a grenade stuffed in her mouth like a ball gag, and surrounded by fresh vegetables -- which, of course, includes a bunch of exceptionally long carrots for maximum euphemistic impact.

He's undoubtedly proud of how gross the whole thing turned out to be, because he's Ted Nugent and that's his thing, but it's impossible to look at the Love Grenade cover and not see a cheap imitation of Spinal Tap's infamous Smell the Glove album art. But somehow even more clueless.

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