10 Bizarre Attempts At "Sexy" Album Covers From The 2000s

1. Ariana Grande - Yours Truly


The only album cover on this list that will probably get you put on some sort of watch list if you look at it for too long, Ariana Grande's original artwork for her debut album is...not okay.

The technically legal Grande--just 20-years-old when the photo was released--was airbrushed so heavily that she looks like a preteen. Combine that with the bright pink background, the suggestively innocent pose, and the several missing layers of clothing she should absolutely be wearing, and you’ve got yourself the definition of “lolita.”

And when you consider that Grande was best known at that point for portraying a high schooler on a Nickelodeon show, even glancing at the album cover starts to feel like a felony.

When this "unofficial" album cover was released upon the internet, the reaction was one of “ick” and also “It’s not what you think! I swear I’m not into that kind of thing, honey! Please don’t call Chris Hansen!"

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