10 Bizarre Attempts At "Sexy" Album Covers From The 2000s

10. Brooke Hogan - The Redemption


Brooke Hogan, daughter of legendary professional wrestler and spaghetti spokesman Hulk Hogan, became famous the way most pop singers do these days: by starring in a reality television show with her more famous family members.

Hogan Knows Best was an awful show, and Brooke apparently felt so bad about inflicting it -- and a spin-off, Brooke Knows Best (obviously) -- that she named her sophomore album The Redemption.

The cover art paints her in a bizarrely divine light, like if a cherub spent its off days doing pilates and had no shame when it comes to showing a little under-boob. To put it bluntly: Brooke looks like a skanky angel someone spray-painted on the side of a van that's also a roving tattoo parlor.

All that's missing is a moody unicorn or a phallic-shaped sword covered in glitter.

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