10 Bold Music Predictions For 2016

From scrapped albums to first-ever tours...

The music industry is extremely unpredictable. Like many components of the entertainment industry, it's governed by brief trends and unexpected boosts in popularity. What sells well one day may not sell well the next, and all it takes is one particularly bad scandal to tarnish public opinion. On top of that, we're also seeing a rise in artists attempting to defy expectation. Take Beyonce, for example, who released an album in 2013 with absolutely no promotion, or David Bowie, who returned to music in 2013 after a ten-year absence by simply dropping a new single on iTunes completely unannounced €“ the internet makes such things possible. It's growing incredibly difficult, then, to predict what's coming next. Nevertheless, there are certain trends and details that when analysed, make it possible to make bold €“ yet not completely unfounded €“ predictions. From new music from one of rock and rolls most legendary bands to artists scrapping entire albums, here are ten predictions that are more than likely to come true.

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