10 Criminally Underrated Bands Today

This article will list, as stated, 10 underrated bands in today’s music industry. Some of the choices might seem like…

Curtis Dillon



This article will list, as stated, 10 underrated bands in today’s music industry. Some of the choices might seem like they aren’t underrated but I give my reasons for each. Not every underrated band I could think of made it on here but that was part of the fun compiling the list. Also, not everyone will agree but it is opinion after all and that’s what comment sections are for.

My justification for the underrated tag is lack of airtime, be it TV or radio, and general lack of recognition. For example, Silverstein are an underrated band (though not on this list) but they don’t get half the recognition of a band like You Me at Six. I don’t like to say certain bands are overrated and thus don’t deserve their success because any rock band deserves any success they get.

For example, I know many hard rock or metal fans would say Paramore are overrated but the reality is Paramore are good at what they do. They also spent years touring in cramped vans, begging fans to come watch their shows, just like many band starting out, and they love what they do. Now they’ve just topped the US Billboard chart with their fourth, self-titled, album and they deserve all the success they get. So there shall be no badmouthing any other bands on this list.

I really like all the bands on this list but the majority wouldn’t make my top 10 favourite bands, meaning this list isn’t just my way of spewing my love of the bands, I truly believe each are underrated and deserve more recognition.


10. Three Days Grace


Canadian rockers Three Days Grace almost didn’t make this list, because they recently lost their singer Adam Gontier, (pictured above, middle right), whose unique voice and lyrics were a major reason they were so good. Despite this I figured they deserved a place because they had four albums with Gontier, which deserve recognition.

Three Days Grace has released four albums, self-titled Three Days Grace, One-X, Life Starts Now and Transit of Venus. All good albums, with the odd cringe-worthy song. Some of their biggest hits are ‘Animal I have Become’, ‘World So Cold’, ‘Chalk Line’, ‘Just Like You’, ‘Lost In You’ and ‘I Hate Everything About You’.

One-X, the bands second album, was nothing short of awesome. With songs like ‘Animal I Have Become’, ‘Pain’, ‘Riot’ and ‘Over and Over’, the album was a hit from start to finish. Gontier wrote the album while in Rehab, which is reflected in many of the tracks and his range of emotions made for some great lyrics.

The only criticisms I have of Three Days Grace is that sometimes their lyrics can be overly cheesy and the songs simplistic. An example of the cheesy lyrics would be the song ‘Expectations’, about a prom queen getting arrested. The thing is, despite the lyrics the songs are more often than not, very catchy.

Gontier’s awesome voice, coupled with decent guitar work and loads of catchy songs make Three Days Grace a band definitely worth a listen.