10 Great Things In Metal This Week (27th Nov)

On this day, I see clearly, Alter Bridge tore the house down at the O2 Arena.

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Filled with more rock than a geologist's autobiography, WhatCulture's list of great things from the world of the heavy is back!

The big takeaway from this week has doubtlessly been that it was a fantastic one for bands hitting the road, with numerous UK tours kicking off and one or two live albums being unleashed kicking and screaming into the world over the past seven days.

As well as a very solid handful of actual, physical records seeing release, we've also witnessed a plethora of music videos and album teasers, all of which promise great records to come in early 2017 and beyond.

Finally, there's some festival news as well! The build-up to next year's rock n' roll summer is now truly underway, as one of England's biggest extreme get-togethers has continued to build up an indescribably strong line-up.

All this excitement and more awaits you as you dive into our metal news for this week...

10. Brutai - Born

Brutai's brand new debut album, Born, kicks off the list, primarily because I spoke about their new single "Never Change" last week, and I want to get them out of the way.

Why must you be so consistently awesome, Brutai? Regardless, the very first full-length by the London-based melodic mavens dropped this Friday, and I am as a result obligated to talk about just how fantastic it is.

Easily the best thing about Born is its harmonies, with its semi-progressive riffs and the keyboards of Alex Lorimer perfectly backing the clean vocals of frontman Felix Lawrie. If you're a fan of A Voice Within-era Intervals and the more harmonic side of djent acts like TesseracT or Skyharbor, Brutai is doubtlessly a name you need to know of.

A metal record truly engineered for the modern age, Born almost feels futuristic in its blending of old-school metal, progressive time signatures and electronics.

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