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AC/DC are not only a rock n’ roll institution but a musical powerhouse: with 18 studio albums, spanning 40 years and 2 full time vocalists, opinion on their best songs is divided to say the least, and the available archives are bursting thanks to a long and illustrious career.

For this article we are focusing on only those songs released within the era of the Brian Johnson, the Geordie AC/DC singer since 1980, following the tragic death of former lead singer Bon Scott. Johnson has been involved in 10 studio albums, 2 live albums and numerous tours and DVDs, but we aren’t here for an AC/DC history lesson.

These, definitively, are the 10 greatest AC/DC songs released during the Brian Johnson era,,,

10. Who Made Who

AC DC - Who Made Who

This song was the lead single off of the bands 1986 album of the same name. The album was the soundtrack to the Stephen King movie, Maximum Overdrive, the album was also a compilation, containing songs from previous albums aswell as 3 new recordings, 2 of which were instrumentals.

When released the song was played live on 3 tours, but was dropped when Phil Rudd returned to the band, despite being somewhat a fan favorite, and clearly remains so to this day.

I was surprised to see this on the list, even if it made it here by one vote. I was pleasantly surprised though with its inclusion, as I myself like this song. It has a lot going for it in my opinion. Good solid beat, Malcolm young keeps the rhythm guitar going nicely and the lead with the tapping just sets it off. It’s actually a really good song, I don’t know if it would be in my personal top 10 though, but the people spoke up and voted for it, so here it is.

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