10 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

9. Dave Lombardo

Dave LombardoStand Out Track: Listen to the entirety of Slayer€™s 1986 classic Reign in Blood (its only 29 minutes, you can do it in your lunch break)! Dave Lombardo is probably metal€™s most revered drummer and is a founding member of the American Thrash Metal band Slayer. Lombardo has also provided drums for fellow Bay area Thrash band Testament, groove metal band Grip Inc. and Mike Patton€™s experimental, avant-garde outfit, Fantômas. Lombardo€™s style is highly aggressive yet groove-laden and he is renowned for his signature double bass technique. Slayer€™s magnum opus Reign in Blood, which clocks in at a staggering 10 songs in only 29 minutes, is propelled forward at an insane speed by Lombardo and the fact that he maintains such impeccable rhythm and groove while the band stabs and slashes around him, threatening to implode at any given moment, is simply astonishing. Lombardo remains significantly influential within the Thrash and Death Metal scene and was sorely missed during his 10 year hiatus from Slayer. His relatively recent return to the fold marked a return to form for the band and confirmed how essential he has always been to Slayer€™s overall performance and sound; simply one of the best drummers in Thrash and Speed Metal history.
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