10 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

8. Tomas Hakke

Tomas HaakeStand Out Track: New Millennium Cyanide Christ from 1998's 'Chaosphere' album. Tomas Hakke is the drummer for Swedish Progressive Metal band Meshuggah. Famed for his distinctive polyrhythmic style, Haake, along with Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah€™s lead guitarist) is credited with pioneering the emerging Djent trend in metal and he has created a relentless, no thrills (or unnecessary fills) style of drumming that truly compliments his bands cacophony of beautiful noise. Meshuggah€™s musical style may be unpalatable for some, the harsh and abrasive vocals often proving to be an insurmountable barrier but this should not deter from seeking out Hakke€™s talents. Sounding like a man-machine hybrid born with 8 arms (incidentally, half cyborg-half octopus he is not), Haake is an undisputed master of his chosen art form.
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