10 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

5. Ginger Baker

Ginger BakerStand Out Track: Toad (Ginger€™s five minute drum solo from Cream€™s debut album, Fresh Cream) Cream's legendary drummer is known for his flamboyance, his showmanship and for holding the honour of being Rock€™s first superstar drummer in Rock€™s first super-group; paving the way for every rock and heavy metal band that followed in his wake. With Cream he cemented the framework of the power trio providing thunderous percussion and composing many of their tracks. Celebrated just as fervently for his jazz playing, Ginger Baker was a titan in the 1960€™s and 1970€™s, playing for the above mentioned Cream alongside Blind Faith (yet another super-group), his own Ginger Baker's Air Force and numerous other solo ventures.
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