10 Greatest Ever Depeche Mode Songs

9. Wrong (2009)

Another late career hit, Wrong was the lead single from the band's 2009 album, Sounds Of The Universe. However, it charted poorly for a lead single, peaking at #24 in the UK singles chart.

The song is a return to the more rock-centric sound of the nineties, and stands in contrast to that of 2001's Exciter and the subsequent albums produced by Ben Hillier, which adopt a more soulful approach.

Wrong has an edginess devoid from much of their twentieth century output. Perhaps this elevates the song to greater heights. It is based entirely around the title, which features in every line of the song. Therefore, such an approach could have resulted in disaster had it not emanated from the mind of the immensely talented Martin Gore.

What could have quite easily been predictable and cliche laden is instead one of the band's hookiest offerings in years.

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