10 Greatest Metal Albums Of The 1980’s

1. Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell

From the very first verse of Neon Knights, it was clear that Heaven And Hell would be the Black Sabbath's rebirth, and it was, becoming their highest charting album since Sabotage five years prior. The reason for this is very clear, because the album provided a complete reinvention of the old, worn, and frankly stale Sabbath sound of the late 1970’s.

It’s so hard to choose any particular highlights from the album, as each song is as beautiful as the last, but Children Of The Sea, Die Young, title track Heaven And Hell, and opener Neon Knights are certainly the most popular, and with good reason.

Musically, the album showed a great improvement on earlier instalments, turning a good sounding band, into a great sounding band, and proving that when pushed, Iommi, Ward, and Butler could provide some of the most melodic and harmonious musical accompaniment that any frontman could desire.

But the true MVP in this work of art is the man himself, Ronnie James Dio, who brought his fantasy song writing and freakishly powerful voice to a band in desperate need of a fresh start.

The late, great, frontman took the band to pastures new, and penned a true musical masterpiece.

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