10 Greatest Musical Duos Of All Time

Ranking the best musical two-pieces.

Often upon discovering a two-piece musical act, my thoughts immediately drift to their connection with each other. Could this vitriolic song written by the former be about the latter? Did a relationship occur prior to this band's success and how does it affect their music? What could possibly keep them together enough to record an album? In short, there is theatre in a duo. A two-piece is the most curious formation of a musical act because it allows for the listener to apply an immediate narrative. Nuances of either person are held up to a much more comparative light than an act containing a greater amount of members. When the band is limited to two people, the audience can apply a dramatic interpersonal relationship between the musicians with concepts of romance, friendship, crime-fighting, or even staunch enmity. And then the often short-lived nature of a duo makes complete sense. Nobody can be in close quarters with another human being, sharing their most vulnerable thoughts for years on end, and amicably end the relationship. A two-person act does not end without its animosity, which makes one wonder how some of these duos - currently working - will come to a close. All the more reason to appreciate their brilliance while they're still with us...

10. Beach House

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfITojs_mNg Beach House have had a prolific year, releasing two phenomenal albums in "Depression Cherry" and "Thank Your Lucky Stars" - both of which have cemented the band as one of the finest acts working today. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have created an emotionally arresting sound across six albums that is all their own. One cannot address Beach House albums without recognizing the consistent mood. Every song floods over with a somber disposition. They make the kind of music that envelops you like a warm blanket. Songs like "Zebra," "Wishes" and "Sparks" are sonic comfort. Regardless of whether or not a specific song's subject matter is upbeat or downtrodden, the musical arrangements remain soothing. Beach House's albums are sentimental efforts for any frame of mind, as fitting for a long summer drive as they are for a lonesome walk through the snow.

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