10 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

4. Overkill - Horrorscope

Overkill 1. Coma 2. Infectious 3. Blood Money 4. Thanks For Nothin' 5. Bare Bones 6. Horrorscope 7. New Machine 8. Frankenstein 9. Live Young, Die Free 10. Nice Day... For A Funeral 11. Soulitude Stand out Track: Album opener, Coma. Obligatory acoustic intro, all out thrasher from 1 min 12 secs through to its frantic conclusion. Nothing ground breaking but performed to perfection. One of the most prolific bands in Thrash, Overkill have released a staggering 16 studio albums since their debut arrived in 1985 (compare this to Metallica's measly 9 studio albums since 1983 and you get my point) and Horrorscope is an outstanding effort which has quality stamped, rather bloodily, all over it. Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth's vocals can be an acquired taste, the best comparison being a harsher version of Brian Johnson from AC/DC, but there is no doubting the quality of the song writing here. Vastly under appreciated this album should have elevated Overkill to the big leagues, even the thrash ballad 'Soulitude' rocks hard, but being released in the same year as Metallica's monumental 'Black' album unfortunately lessened its impact. A masterpiece from a band at the top of their game.
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