10 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Bands That WILL Headline Download Festival

10. Foo Fighters (W/ Probot Material)

Don't get me wrong, Foo Fighters are way more Glastonbury than they are Download, but Dave Grohl's insistence on playing these wider-seen venues belies a back catalogue positively loaded with suitably heavy tunes.

Grohl himself once put together the oft-overlooked and forgotten Probot album: A heavy metal side project where he literally asked all his favourite artists to collaborate on a series of tracks. It featured everyone from Lemmy to Max Cavalera, and between Dave and drummer Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins, they could easily bust out something as anthemic/loveable as Shake Your Blood, Red War or maybe Sweet Dreams to break up the set.

Back to Foos material and you have everything from White Limo to Enough Space, The One, All My Life to The Colour & the Shape. Dave Grohl has the mindset to put together a BANGING Download headline set, and the thousands in attendance would be glad to receive him.

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