10 Huge Rock & Metal Bands Glastonbury Couldn't Handle


KISS. Everyone's favourite face-painted, glam-rock honing, ego driven maniacs. It's not that Glastonbury wouldn't welcome KISS's style or image, in fact they would more than likely go down an absolute storm on a barmy Saturday night on the Other Stage. But, that's the problem. There is absolutely no way that frontman Gene Simmons would go anywhere near anything to do with 'Other'. They would have to be at the top of the pyramid, literally, and we would have another AC/DC own stage saga all over again. It'd be like a kid taking his football home because their mates don't agree that the ball went in under the imaginary bar. I'm pretty sure that Michael Eavis and his merry men and women could do without the trouble of making sure that any other form of music, dance or enjoyment is concurring whilst Gene and the gang belt out Rock and Roll All Nite (but only if it's on the Pyramid stage). Which legendary rock or metal band do you think Glatonbury would never book? Let us know in the comments!
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