10 Huge Rock & Metal Bands Glastonbury Couldn't Handle

10. Iron Maiden

When organiser Michael Eavis was going through his contact list for potential bookings ahead of this year's festival you cannot imagine that the Number of the Beast will have been in the address book. Iron Maiden's frontman Bruce Dickinson hit out at the festival's 'middle-class' audience before 2014's event, declaring it the 'most bourgeois thing on the planet'. But, surely Brucie would take up the challenge of transforming this selfie-snapping Glasto generation into worshipers of the mighty Eddie the Head? Wrong. Maiden were the bookies favourites to headline following the upsurge in demand for a heavier bill last summer because of their controversial background and great live performances, however, they can now be forever wrote off from future predictions. The British heavy-metal pioneers will be sticking to the likes of Sonisphere and Download Festival in the future, where they can relax in the comfort of their home-from-home that is Donnington and sip on a few bottles of Trooper - a premium British beer inspired by the band themselves.
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