10 Huge Songs You Wrongly Thought Got To Number One

Top tracks that somehow were beaten to the top spot on the UK top 40.

If you have lived in the UK within the last decade and attended a club, wedding or even listened to the radio you may be surprised to know that the most over-played tracks are sometimes the ones that weren't well received upon release. You think you know all there is to know about Michael Jackson, Robbie or Adele? These kings and queens of pop have had a buffet of success over the years but which of their songs claimed the top spot of the charts? You may be shocked to learn that some of their culturally renowned and award-winning efforts we're merely runners up in the charts. Time and reception have been vital tools in helping these songs tattoo themselves onto the cultural zeitgeist rather than letting them fade into the abyss like any X Factor winner's single. But before you international visitors start huffing and puffing about the information being inaccurate - this compilation of music is only relevant to the UK. Some of these tracks did claim the top spot in other countries around the globe yet sadly didn't fare so well on our soil. Here's our list of the top tracks that didn't quite hit the peak of Mountain Top-Forty.

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