10 Metal Albums That Shouldn't Have Been Great (But Totally Were)

In celebration of the records that astonishingly smashed all expectations.

Roadrunner Records

Sometimes you see a band announce a new album that will be hitting shelves soon and secretly, in the depths of your mind, there's a tiny voice nagging at you, saying "It'll be terrible, you know that, right?"

Whether it's because of very public in-fighting in the band, a recent change in line-up, the success (or lack thereof) of the last record, or some combination of the three, sometimes metal fans are more than within their right to be preemptively cautious about an upcoming release.

However, what happens when that tiny voice in your mind is wrong? When, despite every odd, an album that should have failed enormously soars into success? We as humans very rarely like to be proved wrong but, all the same, it's a glorious thing to bear witness to.

With all the love and respect in the world, this list is dedicated to that phenomenon. These are the ten metal records that should have, for one reason or another, crashed and burned their way into the HMV bargain bins but, despite everything, went on to be some of the best records the world of heavy rock could offer.

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