10 Metal Albums That Shouldn't Have Been Great (But Totally Were)

10. Paradise Lost - One Second

The sixth album by British doom metal pioneers Paradise Lost, 1997's One Second is a phenomenal record. Melancholic and subtle, it is a dark ride driven by sombre pianos and simplistic yet sorrowful guitar riffs.

However, contextually, the album took a monumental risk. By 1997, Paradise Lost was riding high after a hot streak of three critically acclaimed and highly successful records in a row: Shades of God (1992), Icon (1993) and Draconian Times (1995).

All three of the albums were, at their core, metal records, each of them heavy, traumatic and despondent in their own unique ways.

One Second is not a metal record. It's a Gothic rock record. It was an enigmatic album that signalled that Paradise Lost had almost totally abandoned their death/doom roots for a more melodic style.

Yet, it worked. Fans and critics alike continue to praise One Second for its songwriting and tone to this very day, and its two lead singles, "Say Just Words" and the title track, still find a way to sneak into almost every live set Paradise Lost plays.

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