10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Metal Albums Of 2017

9. King Parrot – Ugly Produce (22 September)

How about some mental metal to keep you on your toes? Wild Australian grindcore outfit King Parrot are only happy to oblige. Serving as their third album to date, Ugly Produce is shaping up to be one bumpy ride through metal’s twisted backbone.

Their brand of hard-hitting metal with a dark comedy twist is something not many others in their line of work are providing – a fresh take on an established sub-genre. And on the first song to be showcased from the record, they take that ethos to its ultimate peak. Entitled “Ten Pounds of S**t in a Five Pound Bag,” the song finds the group at their direct best, pummeling the listener with its seething instrumentation.

They don’t take themselves too seriously (check out their new video if you don’t believe me), but that’s exactly what metal needs in 2017 – some freewheeling, carefree compositions that give you a chuckle while you punch the closest thing in sight.


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