10 Most Heated Music Industry Feuds Of All Time

9. Megadeth Vs. Metallica


Perhaps Dave Mustaine vs. Metallica or Dave Mustaine vs. Substance Abuse would be more a apropos header, considering most of the issues between these two involve the Megadeth frontman’s history with drugs and alcohol. After his hard partying lifestyle saw him fired as Metallica’s lead guitarist in 1983, Mustaine’s grudge led him to form Megadeth, one of the ‘Big Four’ of the Bay Area thrash metal scene.

Both parties remained on sour terms for years after the firing, which Mustaine claims came with no warning. In the 2003 documentary, Some Kind of Monster, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich would conduct an interview with his former guitarist, an awkward encounter in which Mustaine let loose about his removal. Ugly or not, the meeting did start a process of healing between the two.

While Metallica went on to sell out arenas with their newfound hard rock sound, Megadeth kept to their trash metal roots, with both bands achieving success in their own right. Fans are likely to debate these two until the end of time, but at least Mustaine and his former bandmates have made up in the years since, with Dave even suggesting that they form a supergroup together.

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