10 Most Metal Theme Songs In WWE Today

1. Aleister Black - Root Of All Evil

The reverberating guitar chords that open Aleister Black’s hellish theme song “Root of All Evil” are a good indicator that this isn’t the softest entrance music in WWE history – far from it in fact. This one brings the heavy from start to finish.

The track is a combustible mix of hardcore vocals, driving riffs, spacious drumbeats and an apocalyptic choir section – helping to give “Root of All Evil an otherworldly sound that embodies Black’s dark persona. Sure, it overstays its welcome in terms of duration, but it’s still a powerful track regardless.

Props to Incendiary and CFO$ for knocking this sinister cut out of the park. Oh, and the punishing performance of the track by fantastic metal upstarts Code Orange at the last NXT event also deserves a mention. One word: Tune.

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