10 Most Underrated Britpop Albums

1. Longpigs – The Sun Is Often Out

Longpigs are hands down the most underrated group from the Britpop era. They didn’t just follow the pack, but rather, put a unique spin on the already established musical foundations of the movement.

Featuring unparalleled guitarist Richard Hawley, Longpigs veer effortlessly between soft rock, alternative pop, and stadium rock with audacious confidence. They can provide great love songs like “She Said” and “On and On” just as much as they can deliver great rockers like “Jesus Christ” and “Far.” Even more impressive is the fact that at over an hour-long running time, The Sun is Often Out never bores the listener once.

This should have been huge, but sadly, it wasn’t to be. As far as debut albums go, they are rarely as accomplished as this near faultless record. Essential stuff.

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