10 Most Underrated Singers In Modern Rock

10. Hayley Williams


With Paramore being one of the biggest bands on the planet, and the frontwoman herself being an icon of the genre, it's hard to argue that she's underrated. However Miss Williams is one of the greatest singers alive today and for that, she rarely gets her due.

Whether it's on Paramore's latest synth-pop record After Laughter, or going all the way back to their angsty roots of All We Know Is Falling, Hayley has shown her borderline unrivalled ability on a microphone. The Tennessee native's entire 4 octave range can be heard on songs like When It Rains, All I Wanted, Hallelujah, Part II, Ain't It Fun, Renegade and Decode.

In the video we've chosen to highlight, you can hear Williams haunting voice in the goosebump-inducing live rendition of Last Hope. The song showcases her incredible ability to seamlessly go from dulcet tones to snarl, and her power is on full display as she pulls back from the microphone and her voice remains strong.

Hayley Williams is something of a living legend and Paramore are one of the biggest bands on the planet, but that shouldn't minimise the frontwoman's vocal ability. It does prohibit her from getting higher on this list though.

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