10 Music Videos Banned For Being Too Damn Sexy

Some are just too hot for their own good ...

The Prodigy 'Smack My B**** Up' Video
XL Recordings / Maverick Records / Sony

While MTV used to be THE place to watch music videos, in the past 10 years YouTube has become a major marketing channel for artists. Videos for the likes of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry pull in hundreds of millions of views in impressively little time, helping to attract legions of followers, the new currency in stardom. But despite their pulling power, music videos can often land artists in hot water, with acts in the most popular genres occasionally accused of relying on too much sex in their attempts to sell tracks.

As if that hasn't been happening forever. While a little bit of controversy only helps to raise an artist's profile and bring a song valuable exposure, some videos simply take it too far and in the most extreme cases end up banned from websites, television channels, and even entire countries.

That's pretty much the opposite of what a video is supposed to do for a song (though notoriety sells). In some cases, it's almost laughable how tame so-called illicit videos of the past appear today. Whether it's a recent or a hit from the 80s, receiving a ban does little to harm an artist's sales €“ often, it's quite the opposite.

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