10 Music Videos That Should Be Movies

Some are short films in their own right, so why not go full feature length?

Music videos are under-appreciated as an art form, but there's a reason why scores of music video directors become feature film directors later in their careers, and why established film directors go the other way. It's because music (like any art worth its salt) can take on multiple meanings for different people, and when a filmmaker sets their sight on creating visuals to accompany a song that resonates with them, they can more often than not come up with some really absorbing ideas. Music videos that tell a story, vague or otherwise, can be hugely rewarding whether you're a fan of the song or no. And arguably the best music videos are the ones you can enjoy with the volume turned all the way down to zero. It's not a big leap to take an aesthetic, a storyline or a motif from a music video and ask, why hasn't this been turned into a film? You could watch any number of music videos and draw a simple strand of storyline or character and run with it. Here are my picks for ten that should or could be given the feature film treatment, and who'd be best placed to bring the vision to the big screen.

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