10 Musicians We Had To Hate Before We Could Love

A metal band with keyboards? Run to the hills.

There are some bands that we instantly take to our hearts, bands so beloved that we€™ll happily overlook a dodgy concept album or ill-advised live EP. Think Bowie, The Clash and the Foo Fighters. Then there other bands who, no matter how hard they strain their vocals chords and tear at their instruments, fail to convince a single music-loving soul to treat them with anything but contempt. Think Limp Bizkit. Think Creed. There are, however, a handful of bands who are either mocked, derided or totally ignored by the press and public alike, yet be it through talent, intelligence or honest perseverance alone, go on to turn around their reputation and win the respect of the very people who previously wrote them off. Indeed, some of these bands go on to be pioneers, without whom the modern music landscape would look entirely different. It€™s time, then, to pay tribute to those irrepressible bands who refused to give up on the rock €˜n€™ roll dream, those talismanic artists who faced volleys of abuse from all quarters yet kept believing that one day they€™d get the last laugh. Ladies and gentlemen, take your hats off to these ten stalwarts.
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