10 New Bands That Prove Rock Isn't Dead

1. Creeper

Formed out of mutual love of punk, hardcore and glam, Creeper have ascended to be the most exciting new bands of the last few years.

Straight from the off with their self-titled EP, the Southampton mob drew comparisons to fellow goth punks AFI and Alkaline Trio and soon earned them a place amongst the Roadrunner Records roster. Along with the release of their second EP The Callous Heart, Creeper supported key UK acts Funeral For a Friend and Gallows as well as legendary horror punks Misfits and hardcore supergroup Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes.

Their third EP The Stranger saw the debut of Hannah Greenwood on keyboards, having previously been a touring member. This heightened use of keyboards to the band's sound only served to accentuate the size of their sound, drawing comparisons to the talismans of dramatic punk rock, My Chemical Romance.

The debut album Eternity, in Your Arms acts as a culmination of their previous work, with a huge promotional run involving the band being declared "missing" and following a story that started on the previous EPs. The vocal trade-off between Greenwood and Gould is envy-inducing and looks to be one of punk's most lasting albums.

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